How to become an independent content writer and earn online ?/How to start a content writing company and earn online ?

A very warm welcome to this post where I am going to share a brilliant idea of earning online that too by writing contents.

During our school times, you must have written lots of essays or letter or may be questions and answers on various subjects. Do you know, had you written those in digital format, you might have been making a good income out of that. Now let the past be past.

First of all, do you know how Mark Zuckerberg earns money through websites ? Or leave Mark Zuckerberg, do you know how Anupam Mittal earns money through websites ? If not, let me tell you there are mainly two ways one can make money through websites:

  • The first one is by selling something. It might be a subscription of a course or something similar.
  • And the second one is by displaying advertisement on the website.

For selling a course or subscription, you might need some coding skills apart from some legal process like getting company registration number, GST Number, etc. but for displaying ads, you don’t need anything as such.

Now you will think, who will display ads on your website if you are having one as company prefers to advertise on those platforms which received huge number of views or are famous.

So, let me tell you, Google Adsense is a platform through which you can display ads on your website and get paid for the same.

How much can you earn from a website?

So, the amount is variable and totally depends on the number of views one is having on his/her website. For example, I am going to search a topic “what are the sources of vitamin A” on Google.

Now I am going to open a random website.

Now, I will search the analytics of this website on Worth of Web:

Now you can see the amount of earning that can be made by this website as per the data of Worth of Web. You can search any website’s data by clicking here.

So, in short, there is no limit of how much you can earn from your website. You just need to have to write good contents.

Now I will tell you how to start your independent career in Content writing step by step:

  1. You need to get a website for which you will be needing a domain as well as hosting which we will be providing to you.
  2. You need to have a website built in such a way that you can post contents on it. Many are earning by posting other websites content and the way to prevent the copyright issue will be told to you once you avail this program from us. The website on which you will be posting contents will be built by us.
  3. All kinds of support will be given by us. There are times when sites like Facebook and Google also stops working due to some error. So, in all cases, the website maintenance will be done by us except the backup part. We are going to guide you with the backup process but you will be responsible for keeping the backup of your website.
  4. Google AdSense is verified only after one posts about 50-100 contents. So, we are going to provide you support for getting your site verified for Google AdSense.
  5. All the ownership including the domain and hosting will be on your name and the domain name will be provided to you from famous hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostinger, etc. of which login credentials will be provided. The hosting will belong to our partner server which you can change without our involvement.

So, now comes how you will get the plan. There are two plan through which you can avail this program:

Program 1 (MRP ₹3999 only)
(₹1599 only as Dhanteras offer)

What you will get:

  • 1  Domain Name
  • WordPress Hosting(5 GB)
  • WordPress Installed Site
  • Installed theme
  • Video Tutorial
  • SEO Support
  • AdSense Support
  • and many more…..

Program 2 (MRP ₹4999 only)
(₹1999 only as Dhanteras offer)

What you will get in addition to Program 1 contents:

  • Plesk Panel Hosting
  • 10 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Email ids
  • Unlimited Sub domains
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited SSL
  • One Click Application installer
  • and many more…..

Now comes, in today’s world, how is it possible to trust us although you have not seen our advertisement done by famous celebrities.

So, unlike other brands, instead of wasting money on celebrities just for advertisement, we provide the program to you in minimum possible price. But due to many kinds of online frauds being done everyday, we can provide you assurance by following methods:

  1. If you are already having a domain name, you just need to change the Nameservers to get your domain pointed on our server and once we get your website ready, you can pay the full payment after that.
  2. If you don’t have any domain and want us to get one for you, you need to pay ₹150.00 only for the domain and the rest amount can be paid once your website is ready.

In both the cases, the login credentials will be provided to you only after full payment of the plan and we take a time period of 24 hours for handing over the website to you. This is the promise time but usually one gets their website within 4-5 hours of payment.

You can call me on +917992208200 or WhatsApp on the same number for any doubts.