About Us

We help you in bringing your business online.

Day by day, technology is being integrated in our lifestyle in many ways and for future perspective of your business, having an online presence of your business would become a mandatory thing for successfully running a business.

NS Infotech solution provides you with various technical tutorials by means of videos and articles. You can visit our YouTube channel by clicking here where you will find various technical tutorial updates on regular interval. 

NS Infotech Solution not only provides you with technical tutorials but we also deal in website development and designing. We are setting up a team which would be responsible for app/software development too. 

Web Solution for a very reasonable price:

Since online presence of a business has now become a very important reason of running a successfully, and hence, in order to bring website to most of the businesses throughout the country, we provide websites for a very reasonable price starting at ₹ 1100.00 only.

Nitish Kumar Sinha

FOunder, CEO